Excitement about Silence???

It's really strange. I'm coming up on the 4th decade of my life and I've never been overly excited about going to a service of any type. I've always been spiritual and hoped to find a path that truly felt right for me, but I always felt something was missing, something wasn't right but now I'm faced with a different feeling. I can't believe how excited I am about attending the Friends Meetings. It's unbelievable, I can literally feel the excitement in my heart and the anticipation of sitting in silence. I know it sounds odd but it is honestly all I find myself thinking about when I'm not editing or working on my new doc. I would bet something very exciting is on the forefront for me in the next year or so and I bet it relates somehow to this.


ITA. I haven't been to a silent meeting yet, but I'm definitely planning on
it within the next few weeks when I'm done with final exams. I am really
excited about going, despite the fact that I've never actually been to one.

Yeah. It actually is pretty excellent. Tomorrow I'm going back and am looking forward to what feelings will come from my second visit.

GiHickies...definitely post about your experiences. Why not go during your exams? It could offer you a moment of peace and quiet during your studies?

Well it's time to get ready to go to my second Friends' meeting. I hope you guys have a blessed Sunday.

I'll keep it short but yesterday was actually better than the first day. I guess I'm hooked! Finally.


Lynn, what exactly is a silent meeting like? (Besides the quietness of course:-)

It's actually great. When you walk in everyone is seated in pews. The pews are arranged so that they all face the center of the room. People are either deep in prayer or meditation or some are just waiting. At some point someone may stand up and say something they are moved to say. This past Sunday was Mother's Day so most people said something about mothers and their relationship to theirs. Some may talk about something political. Some may talk about a scripture. It is what you are moved to say. After that, there is more silence to reflect on what that person's message was. On average around 5-10 people may say something. At the end the person who "heads" the meeting stands up and shakes a person's hand who is near them. That signifies the end of the meeting. The great thing about the Friend's meeting is that no matter what your belief's coming together in this silent community is very rewarding, if for nothing other than having a moment of silence in your life.

That sounds very powerful...are people who arn't members allowed to attend the meetings?

sounds great. if someone, like myself, happen to have a very talkative wife, it must be an excellent breather. :)


Lahi...yes people who aren't members are more than welcome to attend. There is no minister, no collection plate, it is a very amazing environment actually. There are many different types of Friends (Quakers). The one that I am talking about is an "unprogrammed" Meetinghouse. That works best for me. There are even "Evangelical" variations of Friends (Quakers), which isn't really my bag but works for others. That variation has a minister etc.

Marcus...lol. Now that might be a good breather for you bro. How's life in Sverige?

I would say that pretty much everything you do is based on feelings or chemical reactions wouldn't you say? Faith is a feeling. What else is it? I'm not really sure what you are referring to other than I feel happy going to a Friends' Meetinghouse. What do you feel when you go to where you go to worship? Nothing???

Wouldn't you say though that you actually do base it on what "feels" right to you? If not, what do you base your faith on? Looking forward to hearing this.

Lynn, doing the right thing for me alway seems, deep down, to get the approval of my conscience and soul, if that makes sense. Sometimes I have to pray and struggle, but in my heart I almost always come to know what I should do, even if there are a lot of other things pulling me hard other ways...

MASK....well you are basing your beliefs on what you feel from reading the Bible. What you view as the truths are improvable, that's what you have, faith. Faith comes from a series of emotions based on a given stimuli, in your case the Bible. I'm far from saying that you are wrong, I am saying that you are wrong if you don't understand that your beliefs are based on a feeling. One cannot prove God's existence, the resurection of Jesus, Moses parting the water etc. Those are beliefs that you hold true to your heart based on feelings, the feelings that these are truths to you. That is the beauty of faith. It is a strong belief in the improvable. I never said anything about a "warm fuzzy" feeling...lol. Parts of the Bible can be proven historically, that's about it. I also want to be clear that I view myself as a Christian but also like to hold discussions based on logic and understanding of what faith truly is.

Lahi...you really should look into the Friends (Quakers). I would bet that you would find something there for you.

That is something that cannot be proven so it doesn't pass the test as being true. That passes the test of it being true to you based on faith. Wouldn't you say that is a feeling? A feeling that you have because of the Holy Spirit? Unless you have some other way of showing me that God or the Holy Spirit has literally come down and shown you this or spoken to you in any tangible way that can be proven to the rest of the world without a shadow of the doubt, I say you are faced with this being fact based on your emotions to a given stimuli, that stimuli being the Bible. Wouldn't you agree that the Holy Spirit is a stimuli to you? There is nothing wrong with that. A stimuli would just be something that affects you in some way.

Remember, I am a person of faith so I'm not attacking your beliefs. I'm just talking to you from a logical standpoint. Please don't think in the slightest that I am questioning your faith or beliefs. That is far from the truth. If you look at my posts prior to our discussion I talk about my faith and my beliefs. I never question a person's beliefs nor do I ever say that they are wrong, no matter the faith or lack thereof. I have total respect for everyone's beliefs, whatever they may be or how strong they are to those unless their beliefs harm another person or being.

I guess that is where we go our separate ways in our beliefs. I don't feel that I am in any place to pass judgement on another person. I try to live by that credo. Sometimes it is difficult, but I truly believe in this. If a person's beliefs don't hurt another person or living being, then they are fully entitled to those beliefs.

What is your Mormon analogy that you are talking about? You left that off. I think when you admit that they cannot be proven you agree that this is faith that you have, not facts. I really think you miss what I am saying. That thing that is called faith is what makes it beautiful. The improvable. The thing that one cannot prove exists but one believes it deep within their heart. They feel that this is the eternal truth. That feeling, is what I have talked about all along. That feeling that allows us to have that faith, whatever that faith is.