Excitement this morning!

Bird watching sounds way too exciting for me.

I’m sorry J but I saw the error of my ways. I have renounced my old lifestyle and have moved on to bigger and better things.

If you would like me to I could tell you a story about a man named Henry Hendricks. He is the cousin of the man who invented the screw. Henry was the outlaw of the stamp collecting community. Sometimes he would rearrange people’s stamp collections without their knowledge! I bet he rattled a lot of cages with his antics!

Next question. Are you tipping your waiters and waitresses now?

I no longer go out to eat. Public places can be dangerous, and nowhere serves big enough portions of kale and spinach for my liking.

I started my own spinach garden, would you like to hear some very interesting facts about the growth rate of spinach compared to some other nutritious plants?


Well I’ll save that and make a thread on it later. Such a complex and interesting topic deserves it own thread don’t you think?

I’m sitting here reading a very well written thinkpiece about term life insurance and I just saw a brown bird. Brown is my favorite color so I I’m sure this memory will stick with me for a long time to come!

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During recess while in the first grade, we got to see a bluejay murder a cardinal. All the girls cried while we looked on in amazement.

Hey that is far too graphic for my family friendly thread!

Please edit. Maybe you could tell that story in one of the more adult threads such as “do you have a cuter dog than me”.

Here’s a bird you can watch, OP

mister rogers middle finger GIF


Some of the funner parts of bird watching is that I get to sit still and be quiet. Two of my favorite hobbies. One time while sitting still, I had a slight muscle spasm in my leg and it bothered me a great deal that I wasn’t sitting as still as I am capable of. Boy that day was a doozie!

Though I am a no frills kind of guy so I don’t have a fancy chair to sit in. I usually just sit on the ground, or on a log.

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I used to be an absolute savage with my Daisy 880 BB gun…watching them fall was always great fun…thanks for the interesting and informative thread KJ…Love the new posting style no matter what that long haired hippy with the alcoholic friends @Jwider says!


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I bird watch all the time!!! Like when I go dove hunting or quail hunting!

Thank you zener. I like to think my newfound maturity is a major improvement in life and in thread making.

Also as you may have gathered, I have started a lucrative career as a criminal informant. If you want to PM me which police force you work for I’ll happily pass along any info I get.

Edit: well it’s not that lucrative. Since I don’t charge for the info. I just do it because I enjoy telling on folks. I’m sorry I almost lied to you.

Hunting is a little to dangerous and exotic for my tastes. It’s not for me! No sir!

Though one time while bird watching I crossed my legs and sat in a new position for a while. Gee golly what a thrill that was. What a wonderful day.

Some people call it sitting “Indian style”. However I find that term offensive so I don’t use it.


Thank you KJ for being the voice of reason and safe living on the OG. Notice it doesn’t say safe dying? That’s because if you live safe you are less likely to die early but I don’t need to preach to the Minister of Safety. Big votes up for your efforts to change the culture. Safety starts with culture change.

I’m just starting the conversation. It’s a topic with a long history in our country and we need to address it.

Thanks for your support. Be sure to join me later when I make a very informative thread on what is the right kind of jigsaw puzzle to do on a Friday night.

Your new found maturity and interesting hobbys has made me realize that theres more to life than what I’ve been doing these last 20 some years…after reading your threads and posts the last several days, I have officially put my “two week notice in” .

I will now be apprenticing at the local florist down the road, learning the ins and outs of floral arrangments for nuptials, graduations and birthday partys…no funerals though, I really want to keep it light for this new endeavor!

I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to being a new and improved me!

-Your Pal Zener


Wow what exciting news! And it still leaves plenty of room for joshing around and artistic freedom if you feel the urge.

Imagine the look on people’s face if the ordered a dozen panzies and you sent them 11 panzies and one tulip instead!

Man Id like to be there to see that.


It takes leaders to change others. Namaste