Excitement this morning!

Slow your roll there wider. This thread is already jam packed with excitement.

If you want to talk about women, you should visit my “12 steps to woo’ing a dame” thread I’m going to make later.

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You right. My b, my b.

Guys this is going off the rails. I’m going to settle us down by telling a nice story of how to mix colors together to get the perfect tint of beige.




Guys stop. You’re derailing my thread.

Clicked for “Excrement this morning!”.

Leaving unimpressed.

You know how to speak to my heart considering I’m a big Pusha T fan :heart::pray:

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Forrest please don’t entertain this gentleman’s baseless accusations. He is a man of ill repute.

Everybody know I have always been as exciting and dynamic as I have been in this thread.

To prove it, would you like for me to explain to you the geological anomalies I discovered whilst searching for Indian beads in a wild adventure I recently had?

I’d rather listen to a homeboy 88 wrestling podcast tbh

Hmm. Well I can tell when I’m not wanted. I bid you good day rude sir!

Was this the sane term life insurance article that was previously mentioned or a new one altogether?

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Geology is the study of rocks. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it is every bit as exciting and rewarding as it sounds. I like to get rocks from my yard. Clean them off, study them, and then return them to where I found them.

One time I found a arrow head that had to be at least 30 years old. It was a very exciting day.

Oh that was just one of many things I read on the subject. Term Life insurance is a hobby of mine. I have a policy, and I’m always reading on the subject to learn any new and exciting news in the field. I am on all the mailing lists, and I always check my neighbors mail boxes to see if they got any materials for me to read.

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I feed birds in my backyard, but actually spend much more time watching squirrels.

Oh boy I love watching squirrels! They are super duper neat!

what about feeding the geese. ayyeeeee

Oh no. I’m a no frills kind of guy. Geese are dangerous, and too exotic for me. No thanks!

Im getting the feeling that my pal KJ has sniffed you out as a ne’er-do-well my good sir (and I use the word “sir” loosely)…hes not into the same type of hijinks, shenanigans or tomfoolery as a common rapscallion such as yourself is into…you may just need to kick rocks on out of this thread