Excitement this morning!

This new gimmick is so stupid. I think i love it.

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The guy is a long hair with a whispy Larry Bird type mustache. He also seems to have a death wish with all this dangerous living he does.

Need I say more?

Keen eye zen man.


Well to get to the root of your unkind reply, we’d first need to understand the origins of the word “stupid”.

Shall I explain?

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I might be talked into changing my ways but I’m not sure yet

I just saw a grey bird. It might have been black but the sun was in my eyes I can’t really be sure.

This is going to bother me because I don’t know what to write on my list of witnessed birds. I better write him/her down in the questionable category.

I have a really strong urge to put a bird feeder up in my yard but I worry the installation of such a feature could be dangerous. Anyone know anything about this.

Definitely dangerous. Would not do it.

Wilder you seem to have gotten smarter since we last spoke! I think I like the direction you’re heading.

Just remember these words. Sometimes it may be tempting to do something dangerous such as home dentistry, or not wearing a facemask while welding. But that stuff is not OK. Safety should always be first and foremost.

Look man I’m trying