Exciting and close fight could mean.....trilology!

Wait for it!

Oh, and WAR Wonderboy! Hoping for a decisive victory so I never have to bump this thread again.

Great fight. Will go down as one of the greats

"its got to happen" - Dana

What a snooze fest. Reminded me of the GSP nipple twisting point fighting era. At least GSP managed to throw the occasional strike or two.

Too bad for GSP that Tyron is out to prove that he's the greatest welterweight champion in the history of the UFC. A few more fights like this and Georges' legacy will be all but wiped away.

Awful fight. Even if it had turned out to be a draw, which would have been far more just that the decision that came down...........a third fight would have been unbearable after this.

that was not exciting, nor was their first fight.

I would rather watch sock puppets fight after a long session of watching paint dry.

Well, that was not exciting so I really hope not 

Thanks, but that'll be a no.