Excluding your phone, what are some of the most useful / coolest gadgets you own?

For me it is:
*Garmin laser rangefinder
*Wireless earbuds
*XSTO wallet
*Nvidia Shield

Do these count?

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Linn LP12 turntable with recent updates.

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What fresh hell is this?

My Garmin Fenix 5. They’re on the Fenix 7 or 8 now, but I’m still impressed with my 5s features and haven’t found any new features worth upgrading for.

Vaporizer. Desktop style. Arizer XQ2. All my other gadgets are pretty standard other than some scopes, Range finders, workshop stuff and some welding equipment

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Olight S2R Baton II. It’s a great little edc light.

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Kindle (I deployed this year with access to DOD’s E-library, I must have read a dozen books already this year, without having to pack anything.)

iPod is still pretty gangster, even in 2022.

DynoJet 224X chassis dyno. This think has taught me SO much! Cobra belonged to a friend, I found over 30hp for him, by tuning on the dyno.


I just built this, a test stand for engines. Bought the frame from Summit Racing, but made my own gauge panel, did the wiring & plumbing, mounted the radiator differently than how the frame was originally designed (more secure and more room).

Now I can test run an engine before the customer picks it up, or before I install it in a car. This allows me to verify the oil pressure is good, no leaks, no “noises”, etc. The motor on the stand had a slight bit of valvetrain noise. I pulled the covers and noticed the rocker tips were a tad past centerline on the valves. I added a bit more lifter preload, which pulled the rocker tips closer to center, and the noise went away. It would be a bitch doing all of that with the engine installed in the car, but was quick & easy on the stand.

I put larger wheels on it so now I can roll my engine hoist under it, to make loading/unloading an engine easier.

I also did my own “engine turning” on the gauge panel.

I laid out the grid, and chucked an abrasive wheel in my drill press

Finished product

Backside, after all the holes were cut and stuff installed. The red is Dykem, that I used to figure out the layout, where to cut and such.



Very very very nice

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Also very nice.

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I feel like your test stand slightly one-ups my flashlight. Lol

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I have a few Olights myself :slight_smile: I live in a semi-rural area, and have a WarriorX for when I need to see what is going on in the yard. But the tiny little rechargeable keychain light (I forget the name) gets the most use.