Exclusive: Guida Misses Weight, Dropped from TUF 8


More info here on Jason Guida failing to make weight on TUF 8...

Now it makes sense that he was on the Adrenaline card.

That sucks, Jason's good people.

Different situation than Gabe's.

If its made a big deal of on tv, he'll get crap for it.

Also how did he not know there were prelim fights to get in the house, UFC doesn't inform these guys?>

^ must have missed last seasons TUF.  Guida aint no tuf noob.

 I doubt Jason makes an ass of himself as much as Gabe did.

PatK - Different situation than Gabe's.

how? Both knew they had to make weight. Both failed.

Fellow respected insider Sean McCorkle posted this months ago.

I wont give him a hard time as long as he didn't get an enema.

 I hope Spike doesn't make Jason look like a total asshole. TTT for the Guida's


isnt this season already done filming?

Man that sucks. How could he not know to come to the show on weight? Even if you don't have to fight the first day there is a good chance you will fight in the first week.

4 later.

Any news on his replacement?

oxybudman - Can someone please copy and paste. Ti is blocked at my office. Thanks.

+1 blocked for pornography....

Is it just me or shouldn't Jason be able to make 185? He kind of looks like it but I always mess up on these kind of things.

ChicagoTom -  I hope Spike doesn't make Jason look like a total asshole. TTT for the Guida's

for the guida's what?

He fought 2 weeks after he got kicked off at Agreneline.

He weighed 245lbs