****** Exclusive interview with Donald Trump


Dammm, if he says what hes saying, you imagine the next Affliction Card.

Anyone know if any fights have been announced for Affliction 2?

Tito is legendary in this sport beyond proportions, he now has The Don talking to MMA websites. I find that amazing and cool at the same time.

Anyone else get the impression that Trump doesn't have a fucking clue about who's who in mma. He's the man and all at what he does but still...

At least Paris Hilton has the sense to save her money.

DreamFighters.com: Who is your favorite fighter to watch in MMA?

Donald Trump: I do not have a favorite fighter. All of the fighters are fantastic. Each one uniquely possess incredible skills, courage and athleticism.

The official "I pretend to like MMA but I've never watched it in my life" response.

he watched it, but still doesn't know who is who.

Jusy becouse he us famous millinaire, it doesn't mean he'll have a success as MMA promoter.

I think he realizes that if some fighter made it onto his show, it must be popular, thus worthy of investment.

he has no idea what he is saying. he probly goes to 4-5 business events per week where he's shovelling out his support in exchange for some serious $$

Tito convinced Trump that there was a ton of $$$ in MMA, so The Donald went out and bought it.

^^^ LOL @ Tito for pulling the undefendable play out of his pal BLAF's playbook.