Exclusive Interview with WEC's Mark Hominick

MMASucka was lucky enough to snag an interview with Mark Hominick a few days after his gruelling 3 round matchup with Leonard Garcia at WEC 51 on Thursday evening.

MMASucka - First off congratulations on your win at WEC 51. It must feel nice to get the split decision and to rattle off your fourth win in a row against another big name like Leonard Garcia.

Hominick – Oh for sure, I just gotta keep this ball rolling. I think the main thing that I’ve changed is just my mental side of the game. That was definitely a big win for me and I just want to carry the momentum forward.

MMASucka - Do you think that people are now starting to give you the respect that you deserve as one of the premier fighters in your weight class?

Hominick – I think in this sport if you want respect you gotta go out and take it. That’s what I’ve tried to come out and do these past two years. As I said I’ve prepared myself more mentally and I don’t worry about what everyone else brings to the table as much as what I bring to it.

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Homeslice was lookin sharp on thurs night

Damn was he ever bro... There was no way that should have been a split decision!!

 Grispi wins a rematch too.

Damn10er - Overeem would smash him.

Ubereem vs Aldo! Make it happen Dana!

 Hominick is putting together his game nicely.

did he have a broken hand for this fight?

 lets see Hominick/ Mike Brown next

French Fries Malone - did he have a broken hand for this fight?


Brass Knuckle Therapy!!!

I'm a moran and I clearly had Hominck @ 2 rounds to 1.

Dougie - 
French Fries Malone - did he have a broken hand for this fight?


 yeah, it looked a little strange the way he threw a few punches

congrats to the machine!!!