EXCLUSIVE: Phil Baroni Uncensored

This is the first time that Phil Baroni talked about the Larry Landless interview aside from the post-fight press conference. Regardless of what happened, Phil is good people. He admits wrong doing, and accepts punishment. But he just wants justice. This is a must read for MMA fans.Interview w/ the NY Bad Ass!

Good interview.

Phil seems to be very loyal to the UFC, and thats what the UFC needs more off.

Hope him the best.

But who is the fighter who Phil talks about here?

"IF: After the Tanner fight, you were very emotional. Your apology at the press conference seemed very genuine. How did the other fighters react to you that night and since that night?

PB: I think a lot of the fighters support me. How are they supposed to act in that situation? Fighters who are my friends support me. There's one fighter in particular who's a real piece of shit. He's the only fighter who's come out publicly and said that I got what I deserved, I could have gotten more and stuff like that. But he's just a jealous piece of shit, you know? I don't give a fuck about him and I don't anyone else does either."


Since its Phil talking as his real self, and not his stage character, "uncensored" is kind of misleading for this interview.

Still, it's a pretty good interview. Although he deserves more than a slap on the wrist, it really does suck that Phil can't work for so long. I would have thought 6 months at the most. But then again, they say we reap what we sow, and punching a ref would get heavy punishment in just about any sport, maybe just as harsh. Especially if it's a televised event and tens of thousands see it. I can see the same happening to a boxer if he pull that on live TV.

It sucks also that Phil feels (no pun) he has to use that NYBA gimmick. He's actually much more likeable as himself. Every time he really cuts the BS market shtick, he comes across as a guy who is truly passionate about fighting. I mean:

"I want to be recognized in the US, not in Japan. Money is not the reason that I fight."

That's a admirable attitude, and I dig it.

I hope things work out for him in the long run, even if I do hate his stupid cartoon tough guy act. Also hope he works on his guard and his groundwork in general while he's away.

I would guess Matt Lindland would be that piece of shit...

His whole "I'm not in it for the fortune and fame" line totally
contradicts his interview with his Full Contact Fighter

He says he doesnt care about the loot, but then gives us his
tale of woah about not having enough funds to pay off his

I thinks it's about time to get a job.

So he apologized and admitted it was wrong... so what? He still did it (punched the ref). Does an apology make the "crime" ok? Not!

Ttthank you for a tttremendous interview!

I don't like Phil but I like to see him fight, win or lose. It was a rotten deal when they revoked his licencse for a year. I hope he gets the appeal for 3 mth suspension.

He does seem a lot different than his in the ring personality.

Great Reading............

Awesome to hear what Baroni had to say.

I think Zuffa needs to get Baroni back in there as soon as possible. If they can get a 3 month suspension, I think that would (fit the crime) much better than 1 year, and be more fair. I think if he had grabbed Larry by the ears and headbutted him 15 times in the face, then he would deserve a 1 years suspension.

"I think if he had grabbed Larry by the ears and headbutted him 15 times in the face, then he would deserve a 1 years suspension."

I think he'd be in jail for almost a year if he went that far....

They should make a hard and fast rule now about no conversing with the fighters during action.

It can be forever known as the Landless rule. A fitting justice.

As one of Baroni's critics and non fans that was a good interview. He might even win me over one day. I hope he comes back earlier than a year. Good luck Phil.

3month suspension?? That would be like he didn't get suspended at all. If he fights in April that is right around the corner. It seems like baroni used that interview to get support from fans --to use in his appeal. Movie star give me a break.

Excellent interview. Baroni came across very well in the interview, just as he did when he did television commentary for the UFC. I think that this is the real Baroni; a guy with strong loyalties and a lot of heart. The Phil Steroni heel character he played when he fought Suloev and Lindland is just a pro wrestling stage character.

ROYER is a closet Baroni fan lol .Kevin hope u come up to watch next UFC.Im off to class soon Its freezing here.Good interview hope they can have a rematch soon

I think if he had grabbed Larry by the ears and headbutted him 15 times in the face, then he would deserve a 1 years suspension.

"I think he'd be in jail for almost a year if he went that far"

No hell he wouldn't!

Phil Baroni was NOT outside in the parking lot. He was NOT in the street or on any sidewalk anywhere.

He was a participant in a sporting event.

Big, big, big, big, big, difference Mr. marsupial!

Last year when Darren Samuel headbutted a New Jersey Nets player (I forget his name) in the face, he got a two game suspension. Did he go to jail?

Answer: No

Why not?

Because he was a participant in a sporting event!

Back in '99 I think it was, when Sterlin Marlin bumped Dale Earnhardt and sent him in the wall at 200 MPH (resulting in Earnhardts death) did he get 8 to 10 years for involuntary manslaughter,
or even a ticket for wreckless driving?

Answer: No

Why not?

Because he was a participant in a sporting event.

Saw a clip of a Hockey Fight earlier this week. Two players threw their sticks down, took their gloves off and fought like hell. One player really found himself on the receiving end of this fight really quik. He was punched in the face and head with about 20 to 25 hard BARE KNUCKLE punches. That other player could really fight!

Now, did he do 30 days on the chain gang or spend the night in jail, fined or suspended?

ANSWERS: No, No, No and No

Because he was a participant in a sporting event.

If we don't look apon MMA as a sport like any other sport, then how can we expect others to do it?

Dude, If Landless had pressed the matter; he most likely could have been arrested for what little he did do. The ref isn't a combatant, it's pretty much assault to attack anyone but your opponent. Even in a sporting event, laws still apply, even if that sort of thing is often let slip. I'm pretty sure if he had grabbed Landless and head butted 15 times, the authorities wouldn't view as a heat of the moment slip, but an attempt to seriously injure someone that it is 100% illegal, in regards both to the rules of the UFC and the law of the land, to lay a hand on.

I'm pretty sure there would have been some legal problems if he was that vicious, that's all. Sorry if my opinion offended your sensibilities or whatever, but even in sporting events, the law can come into play, and if Phil did something that vicious, there's more than a good chance it would.

People have gotten into legal difficulties over throwing down at sporting events when they're not supposed to. Didn't that boxer who threw the suckerpunch at his opponent after he lost and they cut his gloves of on ESPN a couple years back get into some shit. I believe he did.

The Landless incident will probably help Baroni get over with a lot of fans.

He used a WEAPON. The stick became a weapon.

You are talkin bout a whole different story, dude.

Baroni is a great self-promoter in an era where Zuffa isn't doing any promoting. He also knows how to make for an exciting fight.

Problem is, reducing his suspension is like giving him no suspension at all. Three month breaks are commonplace for active fighters.

Would people be clamoring for Baroni's quick return if he were boring?