In groundbreaking MMA news, Rampage Jackson has just inked a one-year deal worth $2 million!

By: Kal Thompson of Boxinginsider.com



yes indeed!



That is brilliant! Kudos--someone deserves a side-bonus!!!


6 fights for 2million dolloooors. He's fighting Achmad Vachmad first!

Did he sign with UFC Iran?



lol @ "I'll wear goggles"

Rampage is still the man!

Ill wait to see what sherdog says

lol@ I'll give you a dollar

Side-bonus? Man, do I wish! I do however accept tips in my paypal account: KALGNR@YAHOO.COM
Hey, I ain't too pround to pan-handle! I sure ain't getting rich through my MMA journalism. :)
Any benefactors out their?!?!?!?
I hope you all enjoy the groundbreaking news. :) -Kal

haha, still think this is an April Fool's prank, but good to see Rampage
still has a sense of humor

For 2 million duckies I'll fight anybody for that cash!

If it's true, Rampage get your chips man.

Has to be a joke. who would pay 2 mil for middle east mma? lol

i dont know what to think waiting for mmaweekly or sherdog to say somthing

If this is an April fools joke, I sure hope other promotions dont read that and say "Well, I guess someone already has him so, screw it". If that was the case, that would be real bad. Im skeptical because Sherdog or MMAWeekly would be the first to know about something like this. I dont believe it for a second.

This kind of crap is like it the NY Times ran on the front page that there was a nuclear attack on Florida.

Hint to MMA news sites. Pull your shit together and try to act like you have a little credibility.

"Hint to MMA news sites. Pull your shit together and try to act like you have a little credibility. "

I totally agree.

Boxing Insider is also a horrible MMA reference. Their last News Headline before this was on the 16th of March. They arent even up to date with anything. I can't believe someone took time out of their day to fucking post that garbage.

I can't believe anyone took this seriously today