Excuses Excuses Excuses

Matt Won.



No excuses needed.. At the end of the day, one person wins, one person loses.

BULLSHIT stop imo!!! Just kidding!!! Good stop and inspirational fight for thsoe to learn from. It is never over til it is over!!! Cliche, but true!!!!

Cool, so give BJ an award for being the best fighter to hold a victory over himself. The measuring stick is by winning, not demonstrating superior technical skill, but being too lazy to go work on your cardio. Hughes fought to his ability. Penn didn't care enough to try.


"you can only conlude that the notoriously out of shape BJ once again let poor cardio do what his opponent was unable to technically do."

And therefore he couldn't finish Matt, and Matt finished him. BJ didn't beat himself, that's something you do with porn and a few minutes spare time when no one else is around. In a fight you either win...or lose. And what happened to BJ? YEP...he lost. Get over it.

yes matt did win...

Wait!!!! If this was a two round fight then Penn would have won 20-18. Or 1 10 minute round BJ would be the champ again!! BJ, next time read the fine print "championship fights are 5x5 minute rounds.

All kidding aside, can't we just take the fight for what it was (a great fight) and be happy that we could watched it live instead of hearing about it via internet message boards. Both guys are warriors and deserve props. Leave it at that!

yeah, no excuses for bj penn. matt pounded bj out in his own "game".

i havnt even seen the fight and i agree with you!!

bj's still better

matt should of pounded bj harder to put that lesson in bj's head="this is matt hughes beating ur head."
penn was lazy preparing for the fight. he looked like he was on a hamock in hawai before the fight laying on a couch.

What a sad disappointment to see a fighter so dominant for two rounds, only to completely gas and lose the fight.

Props to Matt for weathering Penn's storm and turning it around in round 3.


So Darren's logic could be applied to shorter increments of time too?

Like Ralph Gracie won by being a technical fighter and going for a shoot faster than Gomi, but gassed 4 seconds into the fight and beat himself, Gomi merely knocking out a tired gassed Gracie for a technical win.

But all said and done, Ralph is a better fighter?


I wont make excuses but what about all the excuses you made when he lost the first time?

Hey japetto, Carlos Mencia called, he wants his jokes back.

Yeah, his injured noggin from taking 40 shts to it.