Excuses Work

It's funny reading threads where people complain about so and so making an excuse for losing then turn around and eat up the excuses of their favorite fighter.

Look at Tito/Chuck I. What if Tito would have just said, yeah I got thumbed a bit but I couldn't take him down and it was just a matter of time before he caught me. Instead you guys bought into his lame excuse and we all got to watch a pointless rematch.

Penn/Hughes II is another great example. If you read some of the posts here you'd think that BJ won that fight. Only on the UG can you get your face pounded in until the ref rescues you and still be the better fighter that night. Unbelievable. What if BJ would have never mentioned his rib? Would your opinion of the fight have changed?

You're creating an atmosphere where it makes sense for fighters to make excuses. If you really don't like hearing them then stop buying into them. Until then you're part of the problem.

"GSP slipped in his own spit"

LOL, I hope that was a joke. But that fight is another great example...how Serra hit him in the back of the head and shit like that. Gimme a break.

I think the problem is some people look up to certain fighters as invincible heros and can't fathom them actually losing.

"Yes, and there was absolutely no reason for a rematch with GSP and Hughes since Hughes tooled him the first time you know he'd beat him again."

Where in my post did I say that?

excuses do work, because some mofos actually fall for that shit. I was talking it up the other day how couture's victory was all dominant and stuff when some dick saids "Well tim was injured that's why he lost".

Whether or not a rematch is warranted is a whole other topic and only tangentially related to this one. The reason I brought up Tito/Chuck I is because if you watched that first fight, Tito had nothing for Chuck, yet people rallied around the "thumbing" as the cause for the loss. That excuse became part of the reason some people wanted to see a rematch, because they thought the first fight wasn't legit. In other words, a lot of people bought Tito's excuse and that's what encourages fighters to use them.