Executive Order Signed by OG’er

Biden must take Botha deez nutz in his mouth by 10/1/2021 or he goes to jail for 500 years.

I have the federal authority to do this Jack, I don’t care if the Supreme Court is going to strike it down in a week, take deez nutz in your dentured up old pedophile mouth or face the consequences Jack.


The supreme court has already struck down your executive order.
Only Thomas and Alito dissented.

I’ve been saying Thomas was the best judge of all time.

He’s still a justice

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I just signed another Executive Order, Emily Ratatatkowski, you are now divorced from Vanilla Ice and you must send me your bobs and Vagene, and I am to fuck you.

was the best. still is, but he was the best too.

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It’s a Hedberg thread now, I do not disapprove.

if you haven’t seen this, it was great. really changed my opinion on Thomas.

full doc is available online in some areas.