executive writer?

PLEASE read ALL before commenting! I don't necesserally believe that the UFC would put together works but a few things did seem strange to me. Tito and Forrest were talking to each other the entire fight. and not in a taunting way. constantly nodding and shaking no and "giving signals". When Tito was in Forrests guard and he was "old Tito". He wasn't getting position and setting up clean punches/elbows like "old Tito" did. Insted he seemed to be just throwing his hands in the area of his guarded face. I was even thinking that the camera angle wasn't very good. I've seen All UFC's and their are a few REALLY good camera angles that the UFC uses during G&P near the cage. They hardly used these. Then I noticed during the credits that somebody was credited as executive writer. ?what is this about? Maybe they decided to do it that way because of his knee and go at it for real next time. It makes sense to me. It makes more sense than TITO & Forrest being best friends during the fight. Maybe you can say that Tito has changed and he was just showing some respect for his opponent. Then why not touch gloves? Why not turn 1 payday into 2? Something was fishy

There is a chance they arent enemies,they both have strong personalities,its not unheard of for fighters to talk to each other,Forrest and Tito wanted the fight to be big,I noticed Forrest gave Tito's left knee a kick and he damn near folded in half,i think forrest noticed that Tito had a real injury and didnt want to end the fight that way for the fans.

if you look at the end of round two Forrest seems to ask Tito if hes ok,Tito looks to him as they walk by each other to thier corners and says "yes".

They are fighters and they are entertainers,i think its alot more logical that they know a good showing for the first show in california is important.

also this explanation is alot more likely then a huge conspiracy,although it isnt impossible and it has happened in other sports.

Anyways,we all probably know nothing on the matter,just all blind guesses,the out come and the fights to come make me happy on the up side,so no worries.

Let me get this straight -- the original poster is suggesting that the UFC is fixing fights illegally and crediting the scriptwriter?

This is like an episode of Scooby Doo, where they captured a guy who ran a counterfeit currency ring. See, he screwed up by printing Benjamins with the guy wearing a turtleneck.

Velma's sharp eye was on to that.

FUTA 1 needs to give some answers. Next, people will be saying pro wrestling is staged...LMAO!