Exercise doesn't work?

Obviously this is a ploy to get you to click on the thread, but Berardi has been sending out some interesting studies where people are exercising more than enough and not losing or even gaining weight and fat. In the latest one the subjects exercised and strictly followed the FDA's food pyramid (bwahahaha!) and got fatter.

This isn't to pimp his products, I don't use them exclusively (or much at all, not enough carbs for my current goals) but it does start showing that the only way to outwork a bad diet is extremely favorable genetics or an extremely high workload. (Ala Michael Phelps)

Looks more and more that you need to pick up a barbell but also pick up a cookbook.

big_slacker -  exercised and strictly followed the FDA's food pyramid (bwahahaha!) and got fatter.

food pyramid = nonsense


Diet - This type of theory posits that, with the help of the food industry and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the medical industry is generating billions in drug and treatment revenue from consumers who have become unhealthy as a result of poor or incomplete diet guidelines from the FDA. It is claimed that as long as the medical industry's dietary research studies are accepted and enforced as the measure, they will continue to suggest a minimum calorie intake above the actual healthy level, and will also continue to suppress any findings of the greater benefits of fasting and other calorie restriction type diets, and as long as the consumer continues to eat at the level suggested by the FDA, the incidence of obesity will continue to rise and the medical industry will continue to profit. Thus, it would be self-defeating for the medical industry to produce a cure for the many services that they depend on to generate revenue from unhealthy dietary practices of their customers.

Its not new info kids, I was posting about the studies. Sorry if this bores you.

I am going through this right now.

My bjj coach and others tell me I need more conditioning so I need to do all these conditioning workouts.

I tell them I don't need better conditioning per se what I need to lose the extra 30lbs. that I am carrying around.

i do a pretty high workload of exercise but i'll plow down a big bag of dorito's in one shot, eat a whole pint of ben and jerry's in one sitting. pretty frequently and still keep a 6pk tummy. guess im one of the lucky ones

i'll still say to anyone you can eat as much as you want to and eat whatever you want to, so long as you continue to burn as much if not more than you consume. 2nd grade math really