exercises with schwinn airdyne

I just got a used one for 95 dollars. any sites I can look at to see diffrent routines? Thanks

Taku intervals

where Can I get an instructional on taku's?


I guess in a pinch you could do a farmers walk with an airdyne. If you're already jacked maybe even some overhead work.


I did yesterday to get it into my civic hatchback. I'm very sore.

Good grip workout if not too used to working with your hands on small machinery. Meaning taking the airdyne apart to clean, sand rust, repaint, fix the chain, and lubricate then put it back together. While that sort of work is a downside to buying a used airdyne (got mine for $20), it's worth it. I don't think I could really afford a brand new airdyne along with my family. hahaha