Exertion headaches

I do a really intense squat workout. Moderate weight, little rest between sets, close to or at failure most of the time. 

I’ve gotten headaches the last two times. Today was the second and stopped during the workout. 

Im going to see a doctor when I can, but curious if anyone has dealt with this. Read they should go away, but I had some good momentum going so taking a break or cutting back would suck. 

I did some more research and found this which makes sense. 

When you rise during squats, the blood pressure in your head decreases. This sets off a reflex intended to maintain the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain so you don't black out: neurons (nerve cells) release a neurochemical, adenosine, which dilates blood vessels in your head and neck. That increases blood flow to the brain and keeps you conscious.

Normally this reflex doesn't cause pain, but your neurochemistry is abnormal because of exposure to caffeine. Caffeine blocks adenosine, so your nervous system has adapted to chronic exposure to caffeine by becoming more sensitive to adenosine. That adaptation allows you to function fairly normally despite the presence of caffeine. Unfortunately, that adaptation has also rendered you susceptible to headache.

Solution: gradually decrease your caffeine intake from all sources over a number of days. As you decrease your caffeine intake your neurochemistry will normalize, and you'll become increasingly resistant to headache. The reflex release of adenosine that dilates blood vessels in your neck and head when blood pressure in your neck decreases will stop causing head pain.

Don't abruptly quit caffeine, as that could induce severe and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.”

Yeah, blood pressure.

I had them, I kept getting them, now Ive stopped lifting heavy

My caffeine use has gone up quite a bit lately to stay motivated and it coincides with the onset. Hopefully that’s it. 

They say go to the doctor, but it’d likely be a phone call with a GP who’d give me a referral and nobody is going to give me a CAT scan for a couple moderate headaches right now, so it’s not like a neurologist would have anything to work with. 

I get it with doing cardio after not working out for a while but it goes away after a few weeks. I lift but probably not intense enough to cause the issue.