Expedited Passport - Info Please

Hey Guys. I'm going to need a passport really quick. I'm looking into going to a MMA show over seas and I need a passport ASAP.

There are several companies on the Internet that offer expedited passports but I'm sure that half of them are rip-offs.

I know some promoters, managers etc. on this forum have had to get quick passports for their fighters. Could you provide me with a info on a good, reliable company to get a passport? I need it within the next 30 days.

Thanks for the help! I would hate to be sitting in WV instead of overseas just because of a passport problem...


I applied for a passport and recieved it in the same day. But I went directly to the US Consulat in Frankfurt, Germany for mine.

You should be able to talk to someone at your local town/city hall and found out a quick way to get yours. It will probably require you to drive somewhere in order to do it though.


BTW, don't wear clothing for your photo that makes you look like a terrorist and make sure they are the correct size.

I am not sure about getting a passport quick, but you can get what is called a sports visa...Good luck


Do NOT go through any internet firm!!!

Go to your nearest passport authority (usually the post office or clerk of courts at your local court house) and pay to have it expedited.

You should receive your passport within 14 business days. There is no faster or surer method.

Eric D. Hill
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Your easiest option is to go to the post office and apply. I needed to renew my passport, went in on January 30th and received my passport on February 20th. That was with a regular application. They do have an expedited service as well, which costs extra $$ but well worth it if you are in a rush.

So, to do this in the quickest way possible, follow these steps:

(1) Find your checkbook, drivers license, and a certified birth certificate. You will need these things when you go to the post office to apply. If you have an expired passport, that will work in place of the birth certificate.

(2) Go to your local Kinkos (or photography studio) and tell them you need two passport photos. They know the standard and will make sure the photos comply with State Department regulations. Kinkos can have them for you in five minutes at a cost of $16.00.

(3) Take everything to the post office. Make sure it is the correct post office, as not all post offices handle passport applications!!!!!! Ask for an application and fill it out. Give the application and other materials to them and everything will be put into process. If you choose the expedited route, be prepared to write two or three checks which total about $130.

Hope this helps. Good luck....



drneher has the process right. If you pay the extra $$$ for the expedited service you'll have it in less that 10 days.

Man that sucks in Canada they will do it in 24 hours for $100, I am sure there is some type of deal where you can pay more to get it quicker.

if you can find out where the nearest federal passport center is near you, you can drive down there with your birth certificate, etc... and walk out with one that day ( make an appointment first ). my friends who live in orlando, florida, all made aopointments at the miami federal building and drove 250 miles down to miami - and walked out with them the same day. just find out where the nearest federal building is and you should be set. the local post offices, courthouses, etc... will do it. but they basically just do the paperwork and mail them to the federal buildings themselves. if you go there directly you cut out the middleman and all of the extra time it takes.

p.s. make sure that you have all of the necessary paperwork, birth certificates, drivers license, and everything. and most importantly, if you do go to the federal building to get it the same day they will want to see an itinerary of your trip or else you will not get anything. hope this helps. i have gone thru this routine three times with my friends when they were going to fight in japan.

I have gotten a passport for myself, and for lets see
one sister, my moms, and the guy I run the gym
with all same day. As was just noted above, it
takes all day, and you have to go to a Federal
something something mean bored bureacrat
place. Many post offices can point you to the
nearest one.

Good news is I think they are good for 10 years

Thanks everyone. That is some great information once again. I had a feeling that some of the Internet places were probably rip offs and/or they could only do the same thing you could do yourself but for a much higher price.

I appreciate the info and I'm going to head out tomorrow to get everything taken care of.

don't go through the internet they are rip offs...go directly to the passport office with 2 photos and you will be able to get it that day...you need to contact them in advance...i did it