"Expedition" Style Wrist Watches....

I know we have some wristwatch enthusiasts here so I figure I'd pick some brains...

My watch broke last week so I'm looking for a good replacement, somewhere in the $75-150 range (I know this isn't high end but it's the best I can do). I work outside all of the time, and am often hiking and camping out overnight for work so I like the timex expedition line and similar watches. Ideally I'd like analog, but I absolutely positively MUST have an alarm, so most analogs are out of the question. I have found some nice analog-digital combos, but am open minded to combos or 100% digital.

Anyone got any advice or recommendations from personal experience?

Must be tough, decent water resistance, and must have an alarm.

Thanks fellas.

I have nothing for you besides a bump

Sounds like you are after a Gshock. Check out watchuseek, lots of good info there. Also look for the 'watches under 200$' thread Phone Post 3.0