Expendables 3

So I loved the first 'Expendables', but the second one was so bad I just skipped the 3rd installment. However, since it's on Netflix and I had nothing better to do last night, the wife and I sat down to watch it thinking we'd end up turning it off 20 mins in. Nope! While not the best action flick I've ever seen, it was on par with the first movie.

Anyone else like this flick?

Loved it.

Desperado guy was great. LOVED the bit with Dolph about his jammer watch thing..."you didn't charge it?!" (indicating that Dolph in his simplistic old timer way just thought the damn thing looked cool) MY GOD THAT WAS SUBTLE AND FUNNY.

Also enjoyed Sly's beefdiesel.

Yea... Antonio Banderas was the best part. His character was just so completely ridiculous.

What does this have to do with Obama and/or the left though?!?! :) Phone Post 3.0

I thought it was the best one. I hated the second one. Thought the third was really good. Phone Post 3.0

I loved all 3; and yes, I thought Banderas stole the show! Mel killed it too. Phone Post 3.0

I enjoyed all three but I wouldn't say I loved them. Phone Post 3.0