Expensive Red Wine for X-mas

My brother and I have started a X-Mas tradition of going in on a fairly
expensive bottle of red to share for Christmas Eve dinner. Last year we
bought a 1985 Chateau Montelena Cab (disappointing.) Any ideas this
year for something in the $150 range? We both tend to like bold
California Cabs and Meritages although Rhone varietals are fine too. We
are either barbecuing tri-tip or having lasagna, but our palates aren't so
fine as to get caught up in the minutiae of combining flavors.

get a nice bottle of Silver Oak--

Great,great heavy red cab. Smooth-- one of my favorites.

You wont have to spend 150 for it.

Great choice, but I have a couple SO's in the cellar. Same with Insignia.
Those are pretty close to what we have in mind, though. I am thinking
about a Caymus Reserve Cab, although I heard a lot of good things about
Dalla Valle or Spottswoode.

you can get a fairly recent vintage of Ducru for just about $200 i believe.

stags leap makes a nice bottle in that range too, forgot the name though.

weeps quietly knowing I'll never be able to drink any of the wines mentioned

" i will drink solo around my birthday."

NEDCMK1, friends don't let friends drink alone. When is your birthday? I
bet I can make it. I'll bring the corkscrew.

Some good info here. I do like Super Tuscans, but I have very little
experience with French wines. I tend to stay in California, where I live and

where my modest base of wine knowledge lies, but I am going to price
out some of these options.

As a wine drinker, are there any classic Cali wines I should try for my own
edification? A Heitz? A Rubicon? Or am I ust paying for the name (such as I
read about Opus One.)


opus one = caca one, imo

far niente seems to vary a lot from year to year but N&N generally put out a good product.

the 01 far niente is tits and from what i understand the later vintages didnt measure up

From friends and other message boards I have received these

recomendations. Any opinions? (from K&L):

1993 Cos d'Estournel, St-Estèphe, $79.99

1999 Le Bon Pasteur Pomerol, $129.95

1989 Leoville-Barton, St-Julien, $139.95

1995 Palmer, Margaux, $139.95

1988 Leoville-Las-Casas, St-Julien, $149.95

i like st. julien

Thankd Guys!

Anyone drinking some interesting bottles over the holidays?

"1993 Cos d'Estournel, St-Estèphe, $79.99"

I've got 2 bottle of the 1983 vintage that I have been looking for an excuse to drink.


Mark - I'll come over. Is that a good enough excuse to drink them?

i drank a bottle of stag's leap Artemis last thursday and it was great. it fast becoming one of my faves.

I also bought a bottle of provenance cab and on the recomendation of one of the sales guys at the wine store, i got a bottle of IV Sons cab

Artemis is a great Cab. I hav enot had the chance to try the Fay or the SLV.
have you?

In regards to the original post, we ended up splitting the difference
between a Jarvis 1997 Cab and a 1985 E. Guigal Cote du Rotie. Any

i havent tasted the the fay, SLV or the cask 23. they're on my list for this year.


you guys got me.

I think I will buy a bottle of Artemis. Any paticular year better then others?


Isn't the Coppola Cask a Cab Fanc? If not, what am I thinking of?

Novak, you'll find mostly 03-04's but they make a consistent wine every year. the last bottle i had was 04.

thanks Mike--

going to get one today.

appreciate it