Expensive Red Wine for X-mas

for some reason lately i've seen the artemis on sale in several stores for around $36-38 instead of the normal $50

It is always $39.99 at my wine store.

$150 is not necessary,for the same price you could have wine spectators top 3 wine releases for 2006.If you must go cali try Etude,Quentessa,spottswood.REMEMBER 2001,2002 are great napa vintages.2003 is terrible,2000 is bad as well.Just because the producer has made good wines in the past doesn't mean the year your buying is.

NEDCMK, I posted this earlier:

In regards to the original post, we ended up splitting the difference
between a Jarvis 1997 Cab and a 1985 E. Guigal Cote du Rotie.

The Jarvis was terrific; big, but not too fuity. It was right down he strike
zone. The Rotie was totally different and incredibly complex. It was
really interesting, but all in all, the Jarvis was much more my style.