experience in brasil

anyone have experience in brasil?

i dont know exactly where i will be but it will be north where it is nice and warm... where good beaches etc..

anyone know of places to train or have any experiences to share.

much appreciated.... i cant wait to be choked out again, it has been so long!

just got back from brasil,

trained at gracie barra,watched babalu.....the guy who smashed elvis. fuk me..no gi..good wresteler..but was dominated buy a black guy.some famous guys there
just dont know there names to well.

purples are a different level than ours.blues and whites are good,same as us .but once you fight purples its different.they have many different size browns,blacks to train with twice a day.

they would have to be better than us.but we struggle on ,loving the game and trying to get better.its important to have humility,, you develope plenty of it there.!gordo is a weird ju jitsu guy.he had an accident years ago,one leg was fuked,so he developed a half guard game.everyone i saw fight him ,was stuck in half guard.

it was amazing,if you touch him,half guard,if he touches you,half guard.funniest thing i saw was me on first day.i sat down to start open guard,little purple jumped in the air and triangled me, i got posture,rolled out into ommoplata,i knew ,he knew,then he mounted me.shit.they are 2 moves in front always.but only brasilian purples,americans were nothing special.brasilians dont think about it,they just move,react,react.as i was thinking...he was in front waiting.

dont get me wrong these guys are world class in their belts,but truth is i dont expect to compete against anything less if im to improve.so fuk daves"peoples ju jitsu" the regular brasilian is enough for me.see u next time.

gracie barra is in rio? how much was it to train?

thanks for the info...

Check out www.yoguibjj.com

Marcelo Yogui is a Barra Black belt with a school in Ipanema. He's a great guy with a great school. Everyone there is very friendly and they can't help you enough, whether it be accomodation, places to eat, showing you techniques etc.

I stayed at the Barra Beach Hotel (near Pepi Beach). It's a popular place of accomodation for Australian's who train at Barra Gracie.

I've only trained at Barra Gracie and Top Team. I personally found the skill levels comparable to Australia at Barra (though admitedly most of the big name guys didn't train when I did). The main difference is the number of people on the mat. They have a greater range, hence more top guys training. The only big name I rolled with was Jefferson Moura (won my weight class in the black belts last year) though I did roll with many other great guys.

Top Team was a little different as it was a nogi class and it had the likes of Sperry, Bustamante, Filho, Nogeuira, Minowa, and more training there. That was definitely fun.

I haven't trained with Marcelo, but I have met him numerous times. I've been meaning to get over to his academy. He's one of the nicest guys that I've met. Always very friendly and willing to help.

The best thing was that I was made to feel welcome at both clubs.


Sounds like it's going to be something of an Aussie Invasion in Rio this year :-)

damnit you guys have all the fun

Cool thread.

Who's going over for the Mundials?

I would 'cept I'm washing my hair.

We've got a few people from GZ going. Touch wood, this is the current line-up:

Robbie Williams, Hansel "He's so hot now", Carmen and the Poet-Warrior (i.e. me) are all heading over with the intension of competing.

Joining us for the ride are Jake, Chopper, Alistair and King Kong (all of which might compete, I'm not sure of their plans) from the club + various partners, spouses, pets etc.

A fair amount of people from Gracie-de Been are going along as well. At the moment, we've got anywhere from 8-10 people making the trip, including Danny Ward, Polecat, Big Mick, PdB (who will be competing in the 2nd Brazil vs. Japan challenge in Sao Paulo after the Mundials), myself a.k.a the Wolfman, and a number of other blue belts.

It's gonna be nuts!!!

WhiteWhale: what is your "Look". Also what is with your screen name? Are we talking 80's hair metal e.g., White Snake, White Tiger, Whale King?

Murray and I will be there also.

when is mundials - i wanna watch!

Around the 24th-ish of July, Rio, Brasil.

Elvis, can you tell us what the price structure was like in topteam and barra-class/month, also accommodation and general prices in brazil.
Also the stuctures of the classes themselves, is barra mainly gi and topteam no gi.
Looking at heading there next year myself, but wasnt too sure you could hopa round and so i wanted to pick the club that had a variety of classes.
The two you went too would be probably my top two aswell, but carlson as a third option.
What you reckon.
Cheers mate

Minowa has been training at our gym (in Korea) for the last few weeks! he's awesome, really nice guy, even when we had a major head clash on the mat, he was nice to me, I thought I was going to get kneebarred all the way into reconstructive surgery :) He's not very big either, thick build but not big, too small for silva but he'll do great against people his own size.

No idea about Top Team, they let me train for free. I only attended the nogi class. I have no doubt they have other classes as well.

I'm also sorry as I can't remember what the rate for training at Barra was. It was not that much for a weeks training though (especially once converted to Aussie dollars). The only classes I attended were the gi classes (not sure if there were any other at the time). You must also remember, I attended during the mundial so most of the training was geared towards that with lots of "free training".

Both are great academies. If you wanted to focus on gi, got to Barra. If you want to focus on nogi/mma go to Top Team. Both have great guys on the mat. I really don't know about Carlson so I can't comment on that.

I've mainly trained at Barra because everytime I've stayed in Brazil, I stayed at the Barra Beach Hotel (near Pepi Beach). They're self contained apartments and are walking distance to a). Barra Gracie b) the beach and c) shops n stuff.

Good luck and have fun.



I'm going to be going over there in 3 weeks.

I'll e-mail you info after I get there. BTW, how's Ireland? Are you training?



Cheers Elvis, I presume that the barra hotel can be booked online. Yeah I thought that about barra been gi and tt been mma.
Wolf, hows things mate, cant believe yer goin there, u mothr fuckr. Ireland going aok, just back a month, dropped into Fairtex in Thailand on the way home, as I hadnt done stand up since I left there on my way to Oz. Doing sub wrestling three times a week with two mates, they skool me so thats the way I want it, in terms of learning. I of the guys was over training with Henzos black belt Ricardo Almeida for 4-6weeks, supposed to be awesome. The other guy is a top judo player who trained in sub in Miami. Doing judo once a week too. Its a joke that theres nothing really here expect Dublin. Had an amateur mma last weekend so it was gud to mix it with the top guyz here. You must drop me yer mail address too. And defo keep me up todate with Brazil and best of luck with training and the Mundials.
cheers lads

Sounds great. Even if you don't have the BJJ back home, at least you're getting schooled. Best of luck with the judo. How'd you go with the MMA?

Anyhow, things back at St. Kilda are same old, same old. I've got to get my weight down, Jarse has got to get his weight down... and the progression continues in the never ending battle.

Anyhow, my e-mail address is a_same@hotmail.com. I'll send you info on how we're doing and stuff in general from Brazil.

Have fun,