Experienced or Up & Comers

I will be looking for more fighters.

If you are interested, please have a look at my website. If you think I can help, go ahead and contact me.

Good Luck




If your looking for a manager without self serving interests or dollar signs in his eyes...look for Tommy Rojas.


what bout Chris "The Grinch" Reedy

Thanks Crrrrrrow-bar!

Reedy- You'll have to call me or e-mail me some more information. I got one e-mail from you but need more info.

...What do I have to put in the emails anything or just send you them like a couple times a day saying whats up lol

Work it



word brotha


Tommy how bout a IFL deal for "The Grinch"?

Whats up Tommy long time no speak. Seriously anyone that needs someone to represent them on the west coast or anywhere for that matter check Tommy out. He's a great guy that knows his shit.

Jon Tarrh, Damage Inc

Tommy should be begging for Chris' business, not the other way around.

Grinch is the second coming. Beleedat!

I can assure you that Tommy is not in this business for the money.

That is all

Hey Tommy, what about guys who are on the down swing of their career? Meaning someone like myself who has a job besides fighting, and is looking to do just a few more fights before he retires?

Tommy is great for the sport.

I appreciate the props. I have recieved several good leads from this post. Thank you for keeping it up there.

The sport is heading into it's best year ever with the TV deals that promoters are establishing.

My priorities are to partner up with fighters making their way to the top of the sport who seek quality leadership in getting there.

Happy New Year!!



Tommy "Brining da money" Rojas