Experts’ predictions for UFC 152

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                                Experts’ predictions for UFC 152

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Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort

DOYLE: I’m tempted to take Belfort simply for contrarian purposes. But I can’t ignore the 13-1 odds and a motivated Jones, who will add another former champ to his list of victims. Jones by TKO.

HUNT: The 25-year-old Jones’ biggest threat is himself at the moment. If he doesn’t allow Dana White’s bullying tactics to taint his mental state, he has the speed to evade, then stop the elder Belfort, a four-week replacement coming off May surgery for a broken hand. Jones by TKO

WAGENHEIM: I want to believe that Belfort can make this a fight, maybe just because Vitor believes it so vehemently. He does have the explosiveness and just-go-for-it mentality necessary to make Jones uncomfortable. But all who’ve stepped in with the champ have said they’re going to take it to him, and then when their moment finally comes, they’re mesmerized by his length, strength and avant-garde athleticism. Jones by TKO.

WERTHEIM: We’re surprised how many fans are giving Belfort a puncher’s chance. You have to think some of this owes to Jones’ rejection of the Chael Sonnen fight and the (largely successful) smear campaign by the UFC. Jones is simply better than Befort in every conceivable way — not to mention younger, more athletic, and more on the line. Jones by TKO.

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Very intriguing to say the least. You just gotta keep going back to Jones. Every if, and, but, or what now scenario has Jones on the top end. What if Belfort breaks, or hurts his hand right off the get-go ? What if , a big one at that, he can't close the distance ? If someone lands big early it's most likely Jones with an elbow, kick, or punch. What if Jones shoots, or wrestle hard early ? Then Belfort will be most likely underneath, and in trouble.
One big advantage for Belfort is usually when a fighter has trouble making weight to make fights, and finally fights in the division he is suppose to be in, he catapults in strength, power, and yes speed. They're mentally much stronger because they feel strong. They make better decisions, and are quicker on the draw. Aggression is better, and defense is also boosted. Make no mistake, this is a huge factor. Belfort will be feeling good. He will have the Ring generalship going, and somewhat having a say in dictating the action. He may not get into one of those fights where one imposes his will to win, because this fight will be done long before then.
I can see Jones taking a 4 to 1 decision if he tries to fight, sees too much, and bails in order to win on points.
If Jones gets touched, he may get touched bigger in the ensuing onslaught. Or, he may just catch an overzealous Belfort. Belfort has time. He doesn't need to be overzealous. He can take this in 2, or early in the third.
Belfort can win, he just has to pick his assaults, and , if they don't finish, bail the attack, and move away. Wait and pick. He can just go in and go ape-shit, but he has to know the Jones camp will be waiting on this and have a plan in place. He may have a counter plan, such as stepping up a gear or two in such an assault with some unseen punches or kicks or takedowns.
I see a Belfort KO in round three early. He cathes Jones somewhere in the middle of round 2, and some in 1, but takes Jones out in early 3. KO flat out.

how are these people experts?

Only God is an expert. Phone Post

I WANT Vitor to win very badly.
But I kind of have to agree with the experts on this one.

WAR Vitor! You deserve this man, really hoping you make these "experts" look like idiots. Phone Post

were about to witness a gsp/serra remix!! War VITOR!!

REALLY hope vitor wins, but I don't see it happening. I can't stand listening to anything Jones says and his personality in general, but I LOVE watching that dude fight. Phone Post

Am I the only one that reads Im Gothams Reckoning's post in Banes voice from TDKR?