Expired Products OG Championship!

Empty out your fridge or cabinets. What's the oldest expired product you have?

I threw away 4 cans of Manwich that expired in 2008. The Manwich 'Meat' was black and running out the back of most of the cans.

What you got? Phone Post 3.0

I don't know but, what I can tell you is, canned 'Manwich' sounds disgusting. Probably better for you that you didn't eat whatever was inside. Phone Post 3.0

I remodeled the house 2 years ago so a massive purge was completed then, I doubt I have anything older than 2013. Phone Post 3.0

I reign supreme! Phone Post 3.0

I think I have some old bread in the bottom of the bread bin that might be a couple of days over if that helps?
Nah, seriously, in an attempt to aid the thread, I'm going to look when I get home. Do spices count? I'm sure I've got some of those seasoning pots that must've been there a few years for sure. Phone Post 3.0

I am the Champ!!!!! I won't be dethroned for years!!! Phone Post 3.0

Found protein from 1999

Drank it anyway Phone Post 3.0