Expiring demo. Help!

O wise ones! I am using the demo version of a program that is limited to 30 days use. Is there a program i can get or something i can do to stop the demo from expiring?


what program is it?

that would help.

It is a privately written program not available in the public domain , which is why I am looking for something or a way of fooling the demo.

all your help would be great thank you !

set your date clock back. i had a program on my comp that would freeze the time clock but i can't find it right now or i'd put a link to it.

yeah set your date clock back for now.

doesn't work, any other ideas???

Download VMware or VirtualPC, and run the program off of a virtual operating system. There are ways with both software to restore to a previous state, which will reset your software once it nears expiration.

Reinstall it after it expires...

It works if you delete the registry keys for it.

i'll c what i can do. cheers!

Is there a way to purchase this program

Try going to astalavista.box.sk and looking for a, uh, special fix for your program.

cheers arclight ;)