Explain AoO for me? (D&D 3e)

I want to start playing D&D again, so I've begun to read the PH.

unfortunately the wording of the Attack of Opporitunity is vauge!

help explain it to me.

as I understand it, a pc can get a "free" attack that does not count toward his round at any enemy who is adjacent to his 5' "square" if he is not making a full action?

I really don't get this.. If I'm fighting a gnoll in front of me and another one happenes to run by to attack another party memebr I'm just going to randomly take a swipe at him?

yeah that was always my thought too i just don't get the reasoning behind it!

yes. You only get 1 of these per round though, and only if they move through the area you threaten(if they just back out of your threat area, then they are OK, for example).

COuld someone please tell me the reasoning behind AOO's?

I've wondered why they put that in ...

that's what is being asked. not simply what they are but if anyone has any concrete evidence as to why they were even put into the rules.

if they make a "full retreat" they can go thru the area safely.

I read the rule agian today at lunch..

but it seems that there are skills or feats that change these rules??

I'm not a big fan of this for the above reason.. it just seems so illogical esp since it doesn't even count as part of your action for that round!

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its really a good idea. if a guy turns and just runs away you have a chance to trip him or just cut him down.

the AoO is a great idea in my opinion.