Explain axe throwing bars

Why is it such a “fun thing” 

also, how do they mitigate the risk of fights and murder when they have drunk patrons armed with axes 


"why is this such a fun thing"?

Really??? It's in the fkn name: "axe throwing bar"... If that doesn't sound fun, cut your dick off.


My BIL went a few weeks ago. Don’t think the one we have has alcohol.  Said it was fun with friends for a few rounds but not something you’d try again 

Went to one with my then girlfriend (now wife) a couple years ago. It was a lot of fun. It's like horseshoes or cornhole or any other throwing game you play while having a good time with your friends or whatever, except you're throwing an AXE so that's the event and why you go as opposed to just passing time like the other games and it obviously requires supervision from staff. Like I said, it was a good time and getting a bullseye is rewarding. Maybe I'm a big vagina, but my shoulder was sore for a while after I went, but then again, I was throwing heat. 

The local one here is byob. It’s fun for about an hour but it’s more of a social thing for me. Apparently there’s competitive leagues so I guess it has a decent following.

Can I axe somebody a question? Like where there is one?

I went to one for a team building exercise for work, had a blast!

Haven't been to one but probably will try it out in the future, seems fun to me but not something I'll go completely out of my way for

I noticed one in my hood a couple days ago.  Didn't know it was a thing.

Go once a week with friends from work. Byob but they serve small selection of sandwiches and easy bar food. Great to do to blow off steam I with a group of friends

It's a trend. Axes are easy to throw. Children can easily do it.

I was really into knife throwing for years. The community called axes "retard knives"

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Don't get me wrong it is satisfying throwing any object and getting it to stick in something. When working at one job we would throw rebar at the excavated sides of the foundation pit because the soil was clay like. There must have been hundreds of 4 to 10 inch rebar cutoffs stuck in one stretch before the foreman notice and we had to clean it up. Good times.

I'll toss a saw

a couple business associates of mine have another enterprise that, in part, owns a chain of axe throwing bars called "flying axes"

to the op's question, insurance is high and up front legal fees to draft air-tight waivers are stiff, but those costs are distributed amongst A LOT of very high-margin revenue. 

bars in general are high-margin, high barrier-of-entry businesses. it takes a lot to build or lease a place, equip it to serve alcohol, become licensed to do so, and then buy enough product to serve the public, but once you're rolling serving mostly cheap booze/beer, it's relatively easy to earn profit -- IF you have steady business.

axe-throwing bars take another high-margin revenue stream, albeit with a similarly high barrier of entry, and marry it with a bar in order to ensure something differentiates the bar from the rest of the market. [edit, as people have noted on the thread, some axe throwing places don't have alcohol. it could be local regulations or they maybe just did the math and decided the axe throwing, alone, would be enough and they didn't need the various added costs of bringing alcohol into the mix.]

it costs about $25 not including labor to put together an axe target. if your location is good at educating customers, the targets actually last a surprisingly long time. depending on the market, the place may charge $10, $15, maybe even as high as $30 per person per hour or $40, $50, maybe as high as $100 per hour for a booth. with targets lasting for at least double-digit hours if not longer, it's not hard to see that the hassles of starting the business quickly yield a return if you have the resources and planning/organization to get past them in the beginning.

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i like throwing shit

Would rather go to one those japanese destruction rooms where you get to smash as much shit as you want in a set amount of time.

baj54 -

Would rather go to one those japanese destruction rooms where you get to smash as much shit as you want in a set amount of time.

I got to try one out in Tokyo. That shit was awesome!

It's fun but not a lot of repeat value to me. I went but I'd be ok never going again. But I also wouldn't turn down an invite to go with friends. 

Fan of Fanboys - 

It's fun but not a lot of repeat value to me. I went but I'd be ok never going again. But I also wouldn't turn down an invite to go with friends. 

you're absoutely right in that repeat business is their biggest challenged. to meet that, they're basically modeled after bowling alleys and pool halls.

most people only do it a few times in their lives, but it's such a specialized experience, they're apt to accumulate enthusiasts. the other major angle is that it's a novelty and a destination experience, so they get a lot of groups that need an activity like work outings, social groups, school field trips, etc.

often times, they'll have other games on site like batting cages or mini golf. it's also not uncommon to see arcade bars retrofitting a few axe lanes into their spaces.

It Makes fat overweight drunk slobs feel strong  coordinated, and think they're badasses. I mean come on axes bro!

Jp. I just don't drink or have a social life so I would never personally go. I'm with you op? What gives? Seems to work great for business owners they really started a trend. They will prob cash in for a couple years until the trend dies out. 

I would rather go bowling.