Explain "KEN CUT HIMSELF" Conspiracy

Is the idea that the UFC paid him off?

 well who the hell gets cut 4 hours prior to a fight? You dont even start warming up at least until the show starts. Once you start warming up and doing pad drills you are not supposed to get any contact to your body, just go through the motions to get loose and get mentally focused. 

Why would he be in any position to have punches thrown at his head so close to a fight?

he clearly bladed because kimbos chest hair is pure boss.

Ken screws everyone & gets leverage for the fight in the future under greater terms.

if you were Ken, which headline is better for tomorrow?

1: Ken's Cut > fight off > I want kimbo still > cried to commission...

2: kimbo retires the legend

I just hope this is all BS!


Hollywood Blonde - Is the idea that the UFC paid him off?
lets see if he becomes the announcer for the UFC


When Cory Macdonald fought Jonathan Goulet in Halifax, he was shadowboxing in a hoodie and the end of the drawstring scratched his eye.

He fought the first round, won it, then threw in the towel.

Why do you think mike tyson bit his ear.
He didn't want to take the dive.

Dana would have a huge incentive, too. If Elite XC gets a good rating, they'll be bought by Showtime/CBS, but if they get a poor rating, they're done.

A scratch on the eye is A LOT different than a cut on the face.

One takes actual force, the other, hell, its a scratch on your eye.


Macdonald got alot of shit at the time, but hell, he won the first round, and almost had Goulet finished.

All Shammy had to look forward to was 6-7 punches to the face.

he just thought he was in the WWE again for minute....because they all cut b4 a fight.....

Since Dana is getting the accusations in this thread, I present a dissenting opinion from Sherdog:

this is fishy. first JT comes into the fight with a huge cauliflower ear that only god knows why it wasn't drained way before the fight. now ken comes in with a cut on his eye somehow 'training' after the weigh ins..

im guessing the fix is in. like thompson's cauliflower ear, shamrock's cut will be a 'break incase of emergency'

I have no opinion on the matter other than it is hilarious watching all the drama.

kalki - he just thought he was in the WWE again for minute....because they all cut b4 a fight.....

lies!!! they cut during.

 Ken was trying to shave Kimbo's goatee and accidentally cut himself. It happens.

He asked for more money at the end to take a dive, will fight and lose on cuts so they can have another fight, etc. They know a Shamrock series saved UFC.