Explain you me this re: vista

Trying to help someone (a client) with a product (our desktop product) that's having problems with Vista. Can't run an update in the software due to new security changes preventing modifications of some files and folders. Anyways, I copied the program folder to the desktop to mess around with it a bit. However one of the password protected Access databases copied over empty. I tried multiple times and everytime the database copied to the desktop it lost all records. Anyone know what's going on there? Seems really odd that it would modify a database file on copy.

Actually the copy appears to have the default data the database is installed with. More data has been added since installation but those records are not in the copy. I thought it might be copying an old version out but properties says there are no shadow copies.

Also it doesn't matter where I copy it. If I make a copy in the same folder it reverts back to default data. Really strange

I'll try a few more things tomorrow. There's another database, that's not password protected, used by the same program and has many more records. I copied it over today and it carried over records but I didn't test if new records were showing up as well. Will add some new records using the program then try copying again.

It really feels like there is a version backup in vista that is being copied instead of the current one. Is it possible I can't see the different versions, but an older version be copied by default? My boss (who is out of town) was screwing around with permissions and various settings to try to get our software working in vista. Is there any combinations of settings that could lead to something like this?

Left work yesterday with vista installing 13 patches before it shuts down. Came in this morning and it's still on the first update with a message saying not to power off. God I love vista

The other non-password protect Access database file has the same problem. I tried some office and text documents and they didn't have the same issue. Uggg