expressions similar to "sword without a hilt"?

Anyone know any (semi)common expressions that mean the same thing (i.e there's no safe way to wield something)?

I'm writing a white paper and I don't particularly want to quote ASOIAF but it fits perfectly with my point.

Double edged sword

"something that has or can have both favorable and unfavorable consequences"



Having a "tiger by the tail" is sort of a similar but not identical concept. 


Like a night at BWSs house without a safe word.

Like a date with Sister Steel.

Like a drunken ovulating bar slut. Phone Post

i knew the OG wouldn't let me down

Phyrric victory.

A win that comes at great personal cost Phone Post 3.0

Sagiv Lapkin - 

Like a penis without a condom. Feel free to use that.

I was gonna say dick with no balls but this is better.

taming a wild bronco


messing with the bull you get the horns

What is a white paper Phone Post 3.0

Like a woman without sandwich making supplies

Without a pot to piss in. Phone Post 3.0

DoovyB - What is a white paper Phone Post 3.0

Basically just a paper to help someone understand a situation better. Discusses the context, the problems, and proposes solutions. And it will probably never actually get read.