Extraordinary Quote

Best wishes and I hope he makes a speedy recovery!

Not only is a person who writes a quote like this an inspiration to those free of illness and disibility but to anyone striving to reach their own achievements.


Give Andy my wishes!


Well put.


Sorry to hear about Andy. Please pass on this forums concerns to him and wish him the best. We sincerely hope and pray that he will be a cancer survivor, not a statistic.

The quote is awesome! That's the kind of thing you put on a huge poster in your gym. Thanks for sharing.

Khun Kao Charuad; SuriyaSak/SitSuriya Muay Thai

Great quote, and best wishes to Mr.Thompson.

This was written by my friend Andy Thompson owner of KietBusaba Muay Thai camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Andy has just discovered he has Cancer.

Life in all its trials, tribulations, triumphs, and disasters can be seen and reflected in the life that Muay Thai is to those who live it everyday of their lives. To reach ones dreams and goals in life, whether fighting for a world title, fighting for your beliefs, or fighting for your life, requires an extraordinary amount of self discipline and hard work as well as the support of all those around you.