Extreme Challenge 57 Results

Cliff Sanders def Chris Bott via TKO in RD 2

Josh Rafferty def John Owens via an Arm Bar at 0:48 in RD 1

Shannon Ritch def Dan Anderson via an Arm Bar at 1:50 in RD 1

Victor Moreno def Alonzo Martinez via a TKO at 4:49 in RD 1

John Strawn def. Luke Caudillo via a RNC at 1:57 in RD 2

Andre Roberts def. Gabe Beauperthy via kimura at 3:34 in RD 1

Justin James def. Kendrick Johnson via a tapout from strikes (from the mount) at 1:41 in RD 1

Mike Radnov def Chris Geschke by Kimura at 1:36 in RD 1

Josh Neer def Kyle Jensen by Arm Bar at 1:04 in RD 3

Nice win for Shannon!

I can't believe I missed this... :(

Alot of first round wins.Was there alot of mis-matches?

Horn results?

Horn wins by TKO cut early. Damn, I was pulling for Sonnen. Sounds like Horn landed a big forearm early that cut Chael, good for Horn. Props to Chael for stepping up on short notice.

(got this from mmaweekly)

Way to go Horn !!!!

Nice !


damn they post results fast.. i just came from there

Sorry, I had to run out for a few mins, and wasn't able to get that last result for you guys.

Good win for Horn, but you gotta feel sort of bad for Sonnen, who took the fight on extremely short notice.

I heard Neer looked really good against Jensen in a war.

Neer was awsome he defended the take down well ( till got stuck in the corner) he went for subs on the ground and even banged a little up top.. he finally arm barred jensen in the 3rd

TTT for more details on some of the matches.

Congrats to my boy Josh Rafferty!

King where you from? i may be able to help you gain that weight. It appeared you had dislocated your shoulder.


I keep reading everyone say how awesome Josh did. I find that hilarious. I've been watching Josh fight for about 2 years now and that isnt even close to his best! Even he himself after the fight was saying how bad he thought he did. And i remember thinking to myself during the fight that he didnt look like his usual kick ass self. THAT's how awesome Josh is. Even having a slightly off night, he went in there and showed people what he's about. I just keep thinking what Kyle would've looked like if Josh had REALLY brought it to him....Damn! What a great night of fight though. Vic & Josh.... I love u guys! U Rock! And it was great to finally see Jeremy Horn live in action. TTT for Victory Jay and Monte for putting together one helluva show!

how did the Strawn vs Caudillo fight go?

neer was awsome ( my first time seeing him fight).

Caudillo gassed and strawn caught him...

No real highlights..

If Josh beat Jensen then he must have been on his "A" game,to say that he beat Jesen on a "Off" night is an insult to Kyle.

MAybe he didnt look awesome in his win,but to say he had an off night in victory is not fair to Kyle.