Extreme Challenge 78 Results



AGJ, hit me up at mikecies@yahoo.com

AGJ I saw Glenn lost a dec how did his fight go ?

ttt for details on Glenn and Blairs fight!!!

Does anyone have the results from the amateur matches?

i would first like to thank ed hsu for his great hospitality at EC78 and also would like to say sorry for a poor performance on my part i wish i was able to put on a better show for the folks who paid to see the fight..but on the other hand congrats to bret kohen on the win i hope i get a chance to redeem myself in the future but until then keep up the hard work.

Glen was being taken down at will.......it wasn't the fight of the night but Glen was controlled...I think he had his chances but he seemed tired after the first round....His opponent didn't do much on top...but deserved the "W"


Bice....i thought you were doing well.....but when i saw you kept slamming him, i was thinking, shit that guillotine is getting tighter!

good luck next time

thanks AGJ i will be ready next time to defend submissions better...got some big plans in the works

Wasn't Kevin Roddy supposed to fight Tatu Escobar at this show? Am I thinking of a different show?

i was but i am fighting on the cage fury show on june 23 now, and bice, brett is a fuckin animal that dude going places dont feel bad

bice, i bagged on your performance against ja dudley, but you've won me over with your gameness and determination. you did fine against kohan. polish up your submission defence and sharpen your boxing and you will definitely be a contender down the road.

Damn. I was interested in that fight as you've both beaten my friends. Good luck in Cage Fury, Kevin.

thanks dude but also a big ttt for brett kohen and tom gallechio for winning both i nthe first round. Rhino fight team best on the east coast

Unofficial amateur results:

  1. Fred Ramie defeats Michael Siani via KO punch

  2. Jackson Galka defates Mauricio Milian via RNC

  3. Ricardo Romero defeats Gerard Pfieffer via RNC

  4. Biff Walizer defeats John Zadraga via choke

  5. Charlie Brenneman defeats Mike Medrano via U.D.

  6. Daniel Carbonal defeats Jon Eroh via triangle

  7. Ryan Contaldi defeats Rocky Hill via kimura

  8. Frank Bloise defeats Patrick Rivera via U.D.

  9. Tuan Pham defeats Dan Flounders via armlock

  10. Lester Caslow defeats Ryan Vernay via RNC

  11. Adolfo Sanchez defeats Joel Nott via U.D.

Great shows - great people:

Monte Cox flew in to carefully measure and cut all the lanyards for the show passes - if the agent game dries up for Monte, he definitely has a future in precision scissor work.

Attending pros included: Eddie Alvarez, Jon Murphy, Shane Ott, and Frank Edgar, who's fighting in an upcoming UFC.

Hey Braden... Sorry to hear about your loss.. Just wanted to say that I want your reality fighting title. Hopefully we can get something setup..

Danny Carbonal has serious, SERIOUS potential to be a great pro.

BIce, is going to be teaming up with me hopefully we can get him to a new level and extend his game a bit more...

So Jay I wouldnt be so quick to want to jump in there with this cat

So how did you like my announcing...