why is no one talking about this event!

I mean its stacked with talent...

Gabe Lemley (MFC) vs Sean Wilson

I train with Sean and you know I want him to win. Gabe is a solid fighter from one of the best camps in the world but he doesnt have the experience Sean has... Should be a war...that will not go the distance.

Kris Fluerestil vs Victor Moreno

Kris has never fought in the cage and is essentially a wrestler from William and Penn. Since Victor had 4 straight losses - one of them to someone he was supposed to destroy - he has had 2 straight wins against less than stellar talent. I believe they are giving Victor one more "easy" fight. Wrestlers are never easy but its just too much for a first fight... Vic should win this -

Andrew Calandrelli vs. Chuck Parmalee

Both guys have been around for a while - especially old man Chuck. Chuck - when he is prepared - is one of the better local guys at 170 for sure - and is a gamer. Andrew is a name I have heard before but not one that brings up memories of beating a big name. Beating Chuck will impress me for sure. I think Chuck should win this fight.

Dane Dornbush vs. Ian Tice

Both pretty new to the game and tough guys...I think Ian will pull out a win but I havent seen either of them enough to really pin down a winner.

Jesse Sanders vs. Todd Carney

Jesse is one of those guys that could easily be in bigger shows if it wasnt for losses that could have easily been wins. A solid talent in a division stacked with talent. Todd is kind of a journey man - many notable fights but few notable wins. I watched him just the other day on Bodog against Sidney Machado - for a stand up guy he just looked like a fish out of water on the ground. The only way I see Jesse losing this is by fighting a really dumb fight - all he has to do is close the distance and pressure.

Bryce Teager vs. John Halverson

It may look on paper like they are feeding Bryce with an 0-2 record but let me assure you that Bryce is no joke. Look at the talent that he has fought and took 15 minutes. He took Justin Wilcox the distance - the same guy that beat Bobby Voelker. Obviously I train with Bryce and I of course think he should win -

Main Event

Tim Bazer (9-2) vs. Chris Mickle (22-11)

Well Tim beat me...and when you watch him fight he looks like he doesnt have a clue...he is so unorthodox with his strikes but he has alot of solid wins. (me being one of them) His punches and knees come from angles that you just arent use to seeing. Mickle has wins over Ptown, Jeremy Stephens (lost 2X after the win), Justin James, and Brian Dunn. Basically he has wins over 2 UFC vets...pretty impressive. They have a common opponent in Deryck Rippley - Tim won but took a beating while Chris won with one of his patented ankle locks. Chris has to be the favorite in this fight...but Tim could surprise everyone with a win. Any odds more than 2:1 I would put on Tim.


Can't wait for the show!!

And... Jens Pulver, Brad Imes, Dave Menne, Spencer Fisher, etc... will be hanging around.

Yeah, and I'll be there too!


shshshshsowtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! judo, i think gabe has some good experience.. hes fought a few times in japan and fought some tough cats there. he also fought guida and beat him. i feel really good though and am more than ready and honestly cant wait to fight... this is my 5th mma fight this year.. this shit is getting addicting. i shouldnt be looking past this fight but already cant wait for my fights in august and september. good luck to all the fighters tomorrow night, especially us MAMAz BOYz!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Sean

Let me reword what I said

"Gabe is a solid fighter from one of the best camps in the world but he doesnt have the experience Sean has"

Lemley has been around MMA for almost a decade and has wins over SOLID mma vets - but in the last 2 years he has only fought 2X against less than stellar competition while Sean has fought 7 times in the same period.

On a side note - one of the little fucks that stole my car got caught yesterday driving another stolen car. He ran into a house and took a woman and her child hostage at knife point. The police surrounded the house and were ready to end it - just then he gave up and ratted on all of his friend involved.

Nice card.


1 UFC Vet
1 IFL Vet
1 Bodog Vet
= Pretty decent event!

BTW - I think that Todd is going to win the fight now...I changed my mind on it.

i see.. good that they caught the little prick.

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one word= STARVING!!

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Bryce Teager vs Josh Aroacho in the next VFC should be a barn burner!

If Bryce would have asked me - I wouldnt have taken that fight with a 10 foot pole! Guys with losing records against top talent end up being the worst fights to take. If you win - you have a win over a guy with a losing record - if you lose - you lose to a guy that has a losing record...

With that being said - I would bet that this fight goes the distance with alot of excitement.

Judo- I have seen both of Bryce's fights and he is tough as nails. I do not think records mean much anymore. He is well rounded, and I know this will be a tough fight, but that is what I asked for. I have lots of respect for Bryce and I hope we have the fight of the night. I have never trained harder, and I'm sure the same can be said of him. See you all tomorrow night!

you mean tonight johnny boy... i will hunting you down to hangout for a bit...

They dont call him the killa chipmunk for nothing! Is anyone going down from Omaha fight night?

dunn and all them are.. baudler and cerrone are too.