Extreme Fighting Challenge X

Next EFC will be at the PromoWest Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio, Saturday, Jan. 29th, 2005. If you want to fight or get tickets send a e-mail to ju-jutsu@sbcglobal.net
Check out our new web page www.extremefightingchallenge.net

Who's fighting?

Is anyone else able to bring up the extreme fighting website?

Who is on the card so far, Mr Kimly?


What's the friggin story on the website?

I've tried .com, .net, .tv....nothing!

Nothing to do with mma anyway.

You're a wacky guy. You know that?

Mr. Kimly- how's the January Promo card looking?


The card is looking good.
We have 25 boys and one girl so far.
I am looking for some more fighters;
140 lbs
185 lbs
330 lbs
If you want to fight or want some tickets, send me a e-mail or call 614-216-5490
The web page is working and I will post parts of the card soon.

See you at PromoWest,