Extreme Fighting DVD's

frankiscool, good heads up.

I just got them in the mail today. Wtf is Mr. T doing on the cover of Battlecade 1? Also I was surprised as hell to see TnA in the bonus footage. There was even a frontal beev shot! I wish there was a little more of that footage lol.

Anyways bestbuy.com has Extreme Fighting for 5.99 each.

I forgot how big of a prick Perretti was with the whole Weit situation.

It would have been great to see Mr. T vs Conan back in the day.

We need the best of them all battlecade 4 to be released.

Yeah them events are oldschool.

I think Mr.T is on there in hopes to boost sales.

TTT for hot ring girl beaver!

I totally forgot this one-

"Whoa good headbutt, although the dredlocks probably padded that one."

19 year old Newton fighting a 280 lb guy.



Got mine last week. Again, thanks for the heads up. Gotta love the UG!