Extreme Kickboxing in Atlanta GA

This weekend Big John Dixson took a team of guys from the Gulf coast area to Atlanta to compete in a show called Extreme Kickboxing put on by Lane Collier.

John's fighter Mark Kling had the toughest fight of the night but was still winning easily until he was caught flush on the chin with a high kick that ended the fight in round 3.

Melvin Guillard fought an American Rules bout against John Hancock and knocked him down 5 times with straight right hands. The bout was stopped by rule in the second after Melvin floored Hancock for the third time in the round.

I (Kyle Bradley) then stepped in the ring representing Team Voodoo against a tough unorthodox fighter in Marquez James who seemed to wanna grapple more than fight muay thai. But I caught him in the third with a switch kick to the stomach that landed with nothing deflecting the blow and he was down for the count.

All in all we had a blast and had a relatively easy payday (although my feet are beat up a bit.)

Great job guys!

I fight at 169

This event is held in a VERY INTERESTING spot and it makes it alot of fun. I strip club during primetime hours. The first fight kicked off at midnight and I was the last fight at around 2 am. I am telling you it was a blast fighting.

After round 2 I was in my corner standing (our team decided against bringing in the stool in between rounds) talking to Big John and I didnt even realize it until Melvin slapped me and said, "stay focused Kyle!!!" Apprently I was staring at the butt ass naked stripper outside the ring giving a lap dance LOL!

What a great story!

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hey Gabe, how are toro and the guys doing? You still training hard down there? Or over there rather.

i dont train in houma


told you i'd get you a win kyle, lousiana rules