Extreme M.A. Academy INDIANA ?

Just wondering peoples opoinions of the academy? What are fees, etc? I live close to the area and am looking for a place to train? Any info would be great, Thanks.

Where is this at?

I believe its located in Flex Gym in Merillville, IN.

If you are planning on training in or around Merrillville, you would be best looking up Braulio Corral and Joe Langford. They are both very good and very knowledgable instructors.

If you are located farther East, I know of Bruce Weiler in Michigan City, who is also a very good and seasoned instructor.

Hope that helps

Where are you located? If you are close to Lansing,IL check out Braulio and Joe at Active Edge. Their jiu-jitsu is some of the best, and both are great teachers as well.