eye brow cut

hey i;ve never had any kind of facial cut before i cut my brow playing football so just figured i would get on here and seek some advice from the experts.

*something to read till you get first hand info*

The most common place for a fighter to get cut is around the eye; usually just below the bony brow. If it is on the eyebrow, it is usually not an issue. If lower, you have to evaluate the depth. If a cut of this nature becomes too deep it could affect the eye muscles that move the eye and result in double vision, or if too severe could lead to ptosis(drooping eyelid).

Furthermore, if this type of laceration is close to the inside corner of the eye, it could injure the tear duct (causing a dry eye and frequent infections). If a cut below the brow is in the crease of the eye, or more importantly on the part of the lid that covers the eyeball, these are dangerous, and there is no discussion. Below the eye (lower lid) close to the eyelashes is very difficult to repair. If allowed to continue, the boxer might require surgery.

Even then scarring could produce an eye that doesn't close properly (like a Basset Hound). When checking a cut around the eye, the doctor is also making certain the fighter can see. A laceration from a punch or butt can sometimes injure the eyeball itself or occur along with a fracture of the orbit (eye socket). This is certainly a reason why a cut may not look deep, yet the ring doctor has to stop the fight.


thanks for your info . yeah its like right above my brow so i guess its ok. its not to deep at all , but i wasn't sure at first it just happened like an hour ago and i wasn't sure if i would need stitches. i hate going to the hospital like everyone i'm sure i just cleaned it up and put a big bandaid on it