Eye gouging?

Brandon Spikes is only sitting half a game for eye gouging a defenseless opponent. While some Gators have claimed the Bulldogs were also playing dirty, that should not mitigate the severity of Spikes' punishment.

Robert Reynolds got a full game suspension for choking Jim Sorgi. Kurt Coleman sat out a game for taking a cheap shot against a defenseless Illinois player. LeGarrette Blount was originally suspended for the season for punching a Boise player.

What kind of message is Urban Meyer sending?

i saw that clip with the eye gouging...i was like WHAT THE HECK is this guy doing..literally churning his hand into the facemask of a downed opponent trying to roll his eyeballs or soemthing

I think suspending him for a half is garbage. Should be more.

It was one half vs Vandy!!!

I'm sure he'll be missed....

Spikes said he's sitting out the whole game.

 Why can't the SEC hand down a huge suspension? they really should.

The Big Ten would have suspended him for at least one full game. The SEC clearly doesn't care as much about regulating this type of behavior.

Spikes has a promising future - in the WWE.

 seriously this is WAY WORSE than what blunt did in the season opener  just not on national TV when it happened!

no way he should play again this year

But what did y'all think of Tommie Harris and his devastating display of GnP this past Sunday?

Fedor might have reason to be worried.