Eye problem--My MA Crossroads :(

For the past couple of years, I've had to deal with a thin retina in my right eye--no big deal, really, aside from the so-called "floaters" that I see on sunny days. Well, the "floaters" have increased as of late, so I went for my annual eye exam a tad early. My eyes are basically okay, aside from the fact that I now have a thinning retina in my left eye as well. This is not good, because it means that I should avoid--as much as possible--blows to the head of any kind. This means no FMA, or any other kind of stickfighting. :( I'm not even sure what to do about BJJ--most of what little training I have in BJJ is just straight grappling, which is all I've ever been interested in anyway, but I'm wondering if I should even be doing that. All I can think to do is go back to fencing--it's a combat sport where solid blows to the head just don't happen, due to the nature of the weapons and rules. I'm really bummed about all of this--any input would be appreciated. Thanks, TrueFight "He can no longer fight the True Fight" Scholar

That sucks David :(

I wanted to get into boxing or muay thai this summer, but my doctor has mentioned that I have thin retinas. I'm going to talk it over with my doctor before starting anything up. I think BJJ would be fine on the eyes. You don't really get those jarring blows.
There's another striking MA, Kyukushin Karate or something, that is fairly well regarded but doesn't have head shots, so I may check that out for my striking training.
I'll let you know what my doctor says when I get to talk with her.

Thanks, Spiff.

BTW, if you don't mind me asking--how old are you?

I'm 35, and I'm just wondering how common this thing is with folks my age...

You know I've alway has alot of floaters. That doesn't necessarily mean you have a thin retina does it?

You know I've alway has alot of floaters. That doesn't necessarily mean you have a thin retina does it?No, it doesn't--but it's still a good thing to get checked.

spliff if I remember correctly Kyukushin Karate doesn't allow punches to the head but your still allowed to kick to the head.