Eye protectors

Hi, I was wondering if there are any headgears/ear guards that also incorporates eye shields? I had an injury to my right eye during my last judo competition and need to minimalize the risk of blunt trauma if I am to continue to train. Any help will be very appreciated, thanks!

if your coach is okay with it you can wear those "sports glasses" that youll see raquetball guys wearing... the hard plastic is only over the face and since contact in the face is illegal he might not have an issue with it..

that wont be allowed in a tournament though.

Wear a scuba mask.:)

I wish I had had on eye protection this afternoon. I got thumbed in the eye by a student during a randori drill. Luckily we had some antibiotic eyedrops in the fridge, or i'd be in a a world or hurt about now.

Ben r.