Eye Strain

I get eye strain at work, here's what my workspace looks like:

small desk w/ an older 19" CRT monitor. I face 4 windows, w/ blinds, but they don't go all the way to the bottom of the window. I get headaches occasionally, but they take a long time to go away and are pretty intense.

I'm gonna move my desk away from the window, I think that the changes in light in front of me are hurting my eyes. The monitor's brightness and contrast are maxed, but it is about as visible as a dimly lit room.

Any insight?

ttt - it feels like I'm wearing ski goggles of pain. I'm taking 20/20/20 breaks now, still hurt a bit.

did you try flushing your eyes? use some drops maybe they'll help.

i wear contacts & in my job thier is dust flying everywhere (construction) i always use eye drops about every 2 hours.

Haven't tried that, I'll get some and see how much they help.