EyeToy for PS2

I traded a couple of games that I didn't want anymore for this last night. It's pretty fun. You get 12 games and the camera. I played with my 5 year old son for a few hours last night. What's funny is when you get high score it takes your picture so we were making faces in it. It also has difficulty levels to add to the replay value. This is a great party game. It also has a multiplayer feature. I would have bought Jak II or Rachet & Clank, but my son is getting them from Santa. I also picked up a card from GameCrazy that gies you 10% off all their games and you also get 10% more on your trade-ins. I was able to get the camera and the card for $9 with the games I traded in.

yeah, it looks cool

What exactly is the deal with this thing. It has its own games just for it?

it is just a camera with games that use the video for games... not sure if anything is special about the hardware... let me find some info at IGN.. they had a review I believe...

here ya go... it looks like great party games... no other game has used it yet


What's funny is that my little boy was playing it and everytime he'd get a high score it would take his picture. When I was playing last night I noticed that in some of the photos my wife was in the background in just her underwear. She didn't think that was too funny though.


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