Ezekial bread?

I no longer eat whole wheat or white bread but now only get my carbs from rice, sweet potatoes and ezekial bread. I have heard it is suppose to be really good for you. Any opinions on ezekial bread?


I think it taste ok.
Why are you interested in it?
The sprouting process?

What's wrong with wheat? Humans have been eating it a long time.

Some people believe wheat
has anti-nutrients that
can actually prevent the absorption
of vitamins and minerals from
other foods. 2nd, wheat has
gluten which may contribute to
an irritation of the digestive tract
lining at one extreme and celiac disease
at the other end. 3rd, wheat products
can cause a rapid increase in blood
sugar. 4th, humans have not been
eating wheat that long in evolutionary
terms. The ancient cultures soaked their
wheat and sprouted it (in some cases).
Basically, that is supposed to eliminate
some of the issues associated with wheat.
Save any gluten intolerance, I think many people's
problems with wheat products is that they don't
respect portion sizes.

i think it only works w/ the gi

It has great fiber and high BV protein content. In a pinch, I'll have a few toasted slices with butter(mmm), fishoil and a protein shake. Keeps me lean.

Cons: Doesn't taste good raw, so toast it. Makes great sandwiches with melted jarlsberg thrown in.

better than any other bread out there. i love the stuff. my favorite ezekiel bread is the seed/nut bread in the blue package. besides the barley in my morning grape nuts, ezekiel is the only grains i eat all day.

its the only bread I ever buy. Since I have started eating ezekial (the sprouted sesame), I have stopped liking pretty much every other sliced bread.

This is the only bread I eat on a daily basis... of course I will eat the occasional dinner roll on an off weekend nite.

however its strictly Ezkiel low sodium or their whole wheat bread. Toasted with some natty pbutter is a great power snack


btw- Ezekiel took that bread and covered it with dung to represent bondage.


the sprouting process changes it from a grain to a vegetable and completely changes the entire structure of it and makes it 100000x times easier to digest as many raw grains still contain natural enzyme inhibitors making much of it virtually indigestible

it is really an awesome way to eat any grain, get a sprouter and go nuts with it. tastes kinda like lettuce