F-35s are not safe

Women drivers :roll_eyes:

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Every new plane has losses, F-35 has actually had less than normal.

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At least we have 400+ more still to replace it with… Hows that SU-57 coming along?


how is the SU-57 doing??

Russian Su-57 stuns NATO and records longest air-to-air kill in aerial warfare history

"On October 13, an event occurred that attracted NATO’s attention: a Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jet crashed in the Poltava region of central-eastern Ukraine after being hit by an anti-aircraft missile. NATO is called upon to solve a mystery which is complicated…

Western military media and NATO sources began investigating the incident, which was initially attributed to a Russian S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile fired from the Belgorod region.

What was so strange about this downing of the Ukrainian Su-27?

If due to an anti-aircraft hit, we had a world record for the longest surface-to-air strike range using either the 400 km range 40N6 missile or the 9M82MV missile.

The Su-27 was shot down at a distance of 217 km surpassing the 150 km range previously recorded when a Russian S-400 system shot down a Ukrainian Su-27 over Kyiv in March.

We remind you that the Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed the use of the Su-57 in Ukraine with an official announcement.

According to information, "a Ukrainian Su-27 and a Su-24 aircraft were on a mission to bomb Russian targets.

Both operated at very low altitudes, then gained altitude to launch missiles and descended again as part of a flight plan, before being hit by an anti-aircraft missile at the extreme range of 217km.

The hit was initially attributed to an S-300V4 array.

The fact that the Su-27 and Su-24 were flying at low altitudes suggests that the 40N6 may have been used as the missile has a completely unique trajectory and array of sensors that are highly optimized for engaging very low altitude targets.

The 40N6 can engage targets up to 5 meters from the ground," US media reported.

Russian sources correct Western estimates by revealing that the downing was due to the Su-57 fighter that shot down the Ukrainian fighter with an R-37M missile…"

Looks like a bird strike with how the puffs of smoke occurred. Looks like both engines were struck.

f35 has only one engine

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Better than the bust that was the Raptor. I see the US is going after powerful Haiti next. Watch out those stick throwers could kick the US out like they did in Somalia. Lol

the raptor had its teething problems but it is a single purpose fighter and is superior to the f35 in that regard.

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You are correct. I was thinking about the lift fan when I said that. I don’t think AF have any with the lift fans.

pretty sure just the navy has the vtols

Im not an f35 hater, but I also don’t worship it.