F A$$hole

did anyone else see Dana tell Chuck

"He's an F*&^ing Ass Hole"  three times?  

F____ing animal IMO

bullet he clearly said HE's A F*&%ING A$$Hole like 3-4 times

Had to rewind it, but he definitely called him a "f%$king A$$hole."

He and Tito exchanged words shortly before that, and it looked like Tito said something that miffed Dana.

But I'm never wrong...

I thought Tito's high kicks looked sad.

went back and watched it and def. looks like hes saying "fucking asshole"

well if tito pissed off dana, this may be the last we see of tito in ufc

wasn't you're was clearly he's

"almost losing to tito"

What fight were you watching? I had a lot of tequila tonight (fucking Dean of Mean!) but I'm pretty sure the closest thing to offence that Tito produced was a half assed attempt to take Chuck's back which was quickly averted by Chuck and ended with a nasty left elbow as they broke from the clinch. So again, which fight were you watching? (mind you, I also didn't watch Dana put the belt around Chuck's waist, I was too busy laughing at my friend that thought Tito would knock Chuck out.)

"you're a fucking idiot. go drink some more tequilla"

You've got to be kidding